Purring toes

21 Jul

Listening to: Ben Harper

No, I do not have the pictures to prove it right now but trust me, I had the best weekend ever.

Here’s the juice: My friend scored VIP tickets to attend “Hennessy Artistry presents Flo Rida” at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena. Now the only reason I planned to attend was because I love Low, I think it is one of the most addictive party songs to come out in awhile (before the world was introduced to Lollipop), so I figured if anything it would be amazing just to hear, and dance to it, live. But turns out, it wasn’t just about hearing Low live that evening, it was everything.

Now I mostly dress up like a downright drag when I go out but thank God that night I decided to actually take some effort, as in, contacts, makeup, heels. It’s not that I’m lazy, okay scratch that I am plenty lazy, I usually just forget the contacts and heels and consider eyeliner to be dressing it up. But even as we were walking to the arena and my high heels began slowly torturing my ankles and killing my toes one at a time, I began whining to Barath that I can’t believe I left my thongs in the car and could we go back and get them.

Thankfully he ignored me and kept walking because the second I saw the red carpet, I knew if I had worn slippers, like I was going to some pasar malam, even I would have had the decency to blush. Seriously, I didn’t even know that the event was by exclusive invitation only, unlike the recent Summer Splash, where about fifty million people turned up claiming to have been invited as well. So we registered at the Hennessy VSOP booth, walked down the red carpet and had polaroid shots taken and then, about 5 photographers took individual snaps of us, I felt like I was on E! and gratefully grinned (and tried to be cool), happy that I wouldn’t, for once, be photographed as a four foot gnome on an ego trip.

We strolled into the VIP lounge and performance area and I have to say, though things rarely do nowadays, this place took my breath away, Hennessy did an awesome job. It was the urban club that looked like a transformed warehouse, it was divided into Hennessy Miami, Shanghai, KL and Paris each with different themed backdrops. Red lit bars and DJ consoles cordoned the club with a huge stage front and center, and there were a free flow of drinks that night, each representing the four Hennessy flavors. It is my humble opinion that Miami was the best, the mint leaves did the trick I think. There were happy beautiful people everywhere and I once again glanced down happily at my feet, although my toes didn’t look quite too happily back at me.

When I was appropriately inebriated about three hours later, Pop Shuvit opened the night – and they were amazing as usual. Followed by Machi, who were also quite good. Now mind you, I have been abraod for three years so I had no idea who they were before they began and Barath told me, Machi was a french rapper, I kid you not! So when a group of Taiwanese guys came onstage I knew he had, once again, been shitting me. They were good though, I have to admit.

Flo Rida, however, was amazing. I didn’t know much of his other songs and it was clear that was the case for a lot of the crowd because he kept teasing us with Low and people responded pretty loudly to it. When he did do Low however, it was just as good as you can imagine it.

We left a bit after Low, close to one am, because my agonized toes had begun to become verbal and when we saw a couple of people puking near the bars, it was time for adieu. We scored a couple of hotdogs from the makcik vendor outside and I happily slipped into my sandals, my toes purring in satisfaction.

I slept most of Sunday and my mom didn’t even nag me once about mopping the house, which is in my view, the best weekend ever. I only regret not being able to meet up with Jason, as timing was the only thing that wasn’t in our favor this week. That and me not having my own car. I don’t know which would have made the most difference. I’ll catch you at the end of the year, Jase, I promise.

Meanwhile, I have to start work, I have a big week ahead of me as I’m sure most of you do. But for once, I didn’t get out of bed reluctantly, I’m trying to be positive again which isn’t easy, but I’m trying to make it work. And catch Dark Knight while I’m at it.


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